Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The online survey portal of McDVoice at is very user-friendly, and there are very few chances that a customer may face any issues. But, there is always a possibility that a customer stumbles across an issue while using the portal. Therefore, McDVoice has formulated these Frequently Asked Questions to assist you. Please go through these questions to find your answers.

  • What is the number of surveys I can participate in?

The company appreciates an honest review from each and every one of its customers, it gives you a maximum of five opportunities in a month to participate. The online portal will decline your request to participate in the survey if you exceed this limit.

  • Is it necessary to redeem my voucher rewards within 30 days?

Yes, the company has expressly laid down the terms and conditions which mentions that you need to avail of the voucher benefits within a period of 30 days. If you miss the expiry date of the voucher, it becomes invalid and won’t be accepted at the outlet.

  • What if I don’t carry my validation code to the outlet?

It is the essential prerequisite that you need to have your validation code when you visit the restaurant to redeem the same along with your receipt of the previous purchase. If you do not carry the same, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the voucher.

  • What if I give a false answer in my survey?

There is no way to determine whether you gave an honest answer. Though, it is advisable to be candid while taking the survey as even if you win with wrong answers, you won’t gain the core benefit of this survey. You will be able to avail of the offer benefits at the restaurant.

  • What are the core benefits of the survey?

The main objective of the survey is to receive honest feedback pertaining to the quality of food, ambiance of the outlet, staff behavior, accuracy in the delivery of the order, and much more. Honest surveys benefit both the company and the customers alike.

  • What are the timings to participate in the online survey?

You can participate in the McDVoice survey 24×7 with a click of a button. All you need to do is visit during any time of the week and answer all the questions honestly.

  • Is the voucher redeemable on online orders made through the app?

Yes, you can redeem the voucher in an online order by entering the voucher details under the column “vouchers and coupons” mentioned on the payment page during the final checkout.

We hope these Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to online survey helped you. If you need to go through other FAQs, feel free to visit https://www.McDonald’ and scroll through them. If you still have any residual questions, the customer team at McDVoice will be more than happy to assist you and resolve all your issues pertaining to the McDVoice online survey!